01 September, 2008


A'kum n ello..

so today..went to this massage place called 'Kakiku Reflexology' at sacc mall...the massage was once placed at shah alam mall before..but then,cos of the rent was too high,so they change to sacc mall...this story,i got from the massager there...hoho..

anyway,the reason why i went for this urut was to massage my feet that have this knee-pain for about a month already...let just say,it's about the mild osteothritis thingy....but whatever..~..anyway,went to the massage place...and saw that the man who take care of the counter kinda look like a blindman...so i kinda curious and all,but still,i just shut up and face him naturally...and then,went into the shop...and the woman there(who also blind) asked me to rendam my feet at this hot water...so i put and wait...and during my 'rest', i looked at the place around the shop...and saw another blind guy,and another blind girl...i think all of these blind people are awesome!...they know their way and make their life feel easy and normal...you can't do anything but thinking that they're normal as you are...cool eh?...i dunno if i can treat my life like them if i'm 1 of them..but still,they prove that life is just the same for other human beings...cool~...

so,no racist,k people?....same blood,same brain..just ur vitamin m is making the difference..~

anyway...the woman who asked me to rendam my kaki in the hot water called me and i followed her to this room...and so she massaged me...cool~...she told me that maybe the urat near my ankle has a problem...she said the source of the pain from my knee was from that urat near my ankle...among all the doctors that i met,a blind woman that work as a massager found the real reason...how pity for the person that has a high IQ and has a high class job ie a doctor and also normal and blindless...the hell that doctor in UiTM...she could take another job cos been defeated by this blind massager who really2 nice and not underestimate anybody...that's what i call,THE GREAT HUMAN~!

anyway,so she massaged my feet...and when she massaged 1 of my toes..i kinda shrieked with pain..and she suddenly asked,"sakit mata ke?"...cool eh?...and then she added,"pakai spek eh?"..so i said yeah...and then she massaged another toe,and then i shrieked again...and then she said "telinga pun??"...so i laughed cos really,i never know i have a problem with my ears,tho sometimes my sis called me pekak...ahah..~...and then,she massaged again,and i felt another pain,and then she said"susah nk buang air eh?"...another secret revealed....~~~~..da~...and so i said,not frequently(some sort like that)...

and i wonder,can this reflexology reveal a pain in the anus??...if can,maybe that saiful who was 'so-called' sodomized by anwar ibrahim can do this reflexology,you know,just to find out if his anus really hurt cos it was sodomized by an old man...but i heard it was sodomized by a plastic bottle~~...hrm..my bad...~~

i'm being sarcastic here...this stupid sodomy thing is just too ridicullous...some people should make a movie of it...cos really,too dramatic with the timing and also the flow of it....my,i shouldn't gave this idea,cos people might think the 'movie' is a comical movie,instead of drama...

anyway...thanks to the massager in that Kakiku Reflexology...cos she helped me found the source of my pain...and thanks2 and bloody thanks~!

ta then~!
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