23 January, 2011

MYB2UTY JunSeob Birthday Party

A'kum n ello.

Venue: somewhere deep at The Gardens' Food Garden.
Time: 12pm-5pm

some info about myB2uty: a Malaysian forum that involve BEAST and BEAST only.or maybe their managers too.

some info about JunSeob: a couple name for Junhyung and Yoseob.u dunno couple name?google~

who is BEAST and JunSeob: that's why they exist Google.n oh,SHAME ON YOU!

ok,back to blog.

as the gathering was about 1 months ago,so maybe i forget some stuff. 

and by the way, all of these will be my opinion. don't say i'm too personal in my post or anything,ok?

ok.now start!


i forgot the date of the gathering.oh damn.i'll google it later.i think it was around 26th December.after Christmas i think.cos people were talking about Boxing Day at that time. and Liverpool had a match at that time,(which they lose,blame Hodgson).


i went there with NajwaGiler and AqilahPrasanCute to the venue,by train,cos Aqilah forgot that her car was wrecked ~.~ . as Aqilah is a frequent visitor in almost all shopping malls in KL,she knows her way to that food court,or food garden as what the shopping mall name it.

anyway, we were kinda late,i think. which i forgot what was the reason tho. we knew they'll start it at 12pm, and some unknown group that the forum invited will performed. seriously,i dunno who was that group.(early opinion.read until the end of the post).

anyway, we arrived about 12.05pm. and they already started. and i think we missed the performance from that invited group. oh well. 1st thought:never mind.it's not like they're famous.

anyway, i saw the usual faces at the front. i saw Kak JC (last time,i blogged her name wrongly,and she commented on it.and i told her i'll type her name correctly in this gathering's post.aha) and Kak Hani (you know,the Doojoon's wife from this post).

and when we were seated, this 1 girl gave us some colored papers with numbers on it. we took it with open arms and not thinking any evil stuff.

so they talked. obviously i forgot what they said cos it was about a month ago and they were no microphone.aha.

anyway, they started a game...........

the game was something like this:
  • a box full of papers that have numbers on it.
  • a staff took out a number.
  • someone with the number came out.
  • that someone had to do some stuff (dancing,singing,imitations etc)
  • just imagine.
so they started the game.

yes,i forgot what happened to others cos i only remember what happened to me.
yes,i have a reason for only remember about me.

...oh oh!
i remember this girl who got her number called,and she had to show something that BEAST always do (i think so) to the opposite sex (I THINK SO). and people were like, "SHOW UR ABS!SHOW UR ABS!SHOW UR ABS!" and seriously,she's a girl. so she didn't show her abs,but she did show something.which i forgot what.

anyway, Kak JC's number was also called. and she had to find a stranger and shouted SO BEAST (i think) with that stranger. she found someone,a MAN. ok,so BEAST! ok.not.but still,ahaha.


i'll fast forward....to ME.

yes, my number was called.
my number was 17 (i think).

let me tell you what really happened:

there were Aqilah,Najwa, and i. and also, another new friend that had 2 numbers cos her friend couldn't come.(i'll talk about this new friend later) and i called this new friend Yana Liyana instead of Liyana.haha. and obviously, we were nervous when they wanted to call the numbers. we were like "NOT ME PLEASE.NOT ME.NOT ME" and of course, i was "hopefully they call Aqilah's number" "hopefully they call Najwa's number" "hopefully they call Yana Liyana's numbers" "HOPEFULLY THEY WON'T CALL MY NUMBER"

oh shucks. why did i even wish that?

the staff were choosing the next number. and then i heard Kak JC said "seventeen.weyh,seventeen". seriously, i think i was the only one who heard that. but then she kinda SHOUTED that number. and i was like "WHAAAAAAT????" and people were looking.

oh yeah, baby. my shock voice was loud.
najwa was laughing.aqilah was laughing.YANA LIYANA,WERE YOU LAUGHING TOO????

and people were clapping for me.how nice.

i was really really weird at the front. i laughed laughed laughed. i don't even know why i laughed when i didn't even start it.aha.

and so, they gave me a box(maybe) that full of papers that have punishments on it. so i took one. 

and the punishment was something weird like this: "demand for exception"

you understand what it means?
as someone who just registered herself for MUET, i think it means i have to demand to let myself not do the punishment.
so i said that to the whole people there.
HAHAHAHAHAHA.they didn't let me off. -_-
instead, they asked me to do something else.

ok cool.
someone shouted: DANCE!
i was like "no dance,please. i'm a BEAST fan. but i only listen to their songs.not their dance"
so another someone shouted:SING!
i was like "no sing,please. i dunno their lyrics" srsly,you'll say the same thing if u see those fans with their memorizing skills in saying those korean words.

and in the end, Kak Hani said "how about you introduce yourself as Junhyung and Yoseob in Junhyung and Yoseob's way"

i was like O_O.
seriously,i haven't watched any idol's variety shows for a long time already. the last idol's variety show that i watched was SHINee's hello baby. and that was about 2 years ago.or maybe last year?i'm not sure. and seriously,i never watch any BEAST shows.i still haven't finish BEAST Almighty.da.

and seriously, the only thing that i had in my mind at that time was my imagination of Junhyung and Yoseob.yeah,blame NadiaSepet cos of her fanfiction.haha.

so in my mind,i was thinking, 'Junhyung is a cool person.Yoseob is a cute one'.

"hello.i'm Yong Junhyung.i love coke" in a very cool macho way.
apparently, i wasn't loud.i had to repeat it.
"HELLO,I'M YONG JUNHYUNG.I LOVE COKE" people were laughing at that coke part.

and then......
the Yoseob part.
"hello~!!!!!!! i'm YONG YOSEOB~~~~!!!!!!" in a cute way.and i made my voice louder.
people were laughing, histerically.(i just noticed that i said his name wrongly,but nobody really bother).
and i looked at Kak Hani. her face was weird.and i was like "WHAT WHAT WHAT???WHAT IS WRONG????" and then she said "APEHAL YOSEOB COMEL SANGAT NI?????"

and seriously,i collapsed cos of laughing so much.hahahahahahahhaha

and then i went to my seat.

Najwa and Aqilah were still laughing.
Yana Liyana,were you laughing tooo????

and so, things went happily after that. they provided us some lunch. Korean food for lunch.hoho.it was nice.but too many stuff which is kinda awesome considering we only paid RM10 for the gathering.

and then,after lunch and pray,we played another game. they said it similar to this show,Bouquet. but as u know,the only variety show that i watch are 1N2D,Running Man and We Got Married(KhunToria only).

anyway, the game was something like:
  • a song is playing.
  • a group of 6 or about that must decide what pose that they need to do after the song stop playing.
  • the whole group must have similar pose.
so it was like that.

my group sucks at it.seriously.

and when Yana Liyana, an Ustazah-in-the-making danced Mister at the front, i was like "HAHAHAHA.BAKAL USTAZAH TENGAH NARI TU!!!"

game end.my group didn't win.aha.

and then, the special guest(the invited group) that MYB2UTY's invited gave 2 performances of BEAST: Shock and Soom.haha.

they are a dancing group called REDO. no personal opinions will be said by me,but this group is AWESOME! which is kinda brilliant cos they're not Korean but Malaysian like us.

and so, they danced Shock and Soom.

and hahahahahahhahaha,like usual, Aqilah and I shouted like a mad fangirl. you know how good we are when we become like that.hahaha.


and seriously,we were at the middle and those dancers could see us clearly. and 1 of them looked at us, and we looked away but then he laughed while dancing.hahahahahah. we also laughed seeing him like that.and we also laughed cos we were shouting like mad girls.hahahaha. Kak JC was looking at us laughingly, and we kinda waited for someone to said "yo girls.behave urself!!! this people are not BEAST"

but who cares. just pretend that BEAST are dancing in front of you then.hahahaha.seriously, those group were awesome and hopefully,our fangirling will make them achieve success.ahaha.

and then....

oh. we did have a picture together with the other fans.it was nice.

the event ended at 4.30pm,i think. tho fans still around until 6pm.

oh, NoiTheCousin told me to pick up her Lights Go On Again album from Kak JC. she gave me the album and also this big poster.

and oh well, you know what happen when those stuff are in my hands.


anyway, just when we start to say bye bye to the staff, we talked some stuff with Kak JC.we talked talked and talked. about Papa Hong followed Kak JC at twitter,about Hottest hating B2uty, about B2uty that know nothing about BEAST, about the old gathering at Secret Recipe and some others..

i think we said bye bye plenty of times and stood up and sit down plenty of times cos we still end up talking eventhough we already said bye bye. and we hugged goodbye twice or trice because we always thought we already going.hahaha.

and we said the 1st bye bye at 5pm.but end up did the official bye bye at 6pm. blame Kak JC for that.haha.

blame her.HAHA.

and so.


finally i blogged about it.hahahaha.

i really recommend you to go to this gathering.nice people.seriously.aha.

ta then!


Alia Liverpool said...

yana liyana: hahaha.glad awk ske this post.

JUSTcircle said...

Hahaha.. like! Like! Like! X der button like la plak.. ekeke! Thanks coz sudi dtg to our gathering..