16 January, 2011

BEAST reminder and Work.

A'kum n ello.


this is just reminder as i'm already bored looking at the same post at my blog.

a reminder to me tho.not you. tho i have to remind you that i'm still alive,still a Cassiopeia,still a Liverpool fan,still  Microbiologist student,still want to admit that i'm a Pisces even though the new horoscope thinks i'm an Aquarius, and i am still Shim Changmin's wife.

....and oh,also Miura Haruma's mistress,DooJoon's long lost girlfriend,Kyuhyun's dreamgirl and also Xabi Alonso's ex-wife.

anyway, i'll try to update about THESE POSTS before the end of January.


MyB2uty's JunSeob birthday party



DiGi Kpop Party.
(and oh, DooJoon's arm)


i have a job right now that does not involve money (no,i'm not doing charity) at KPJ Selangor. kinda tough as i don't really have ANY WORK to do at that place. i mean, i'm not as busy as other people that work at the Government hospital.

and bcos i don't have anything to do at my workplace,my brain end up being tired and i get sleepy easily.which is NOT GOOD as i have to wake up early and even don't have time for twitter,which is my main source of news and gossips.

...and hospital gossips is totally not healthy for a good person like me that thinks Team Medical Dragon really exist in the world, and Grey's Anatomy is just fake. (and by the way, Grey's Anatomy stuff at real hospital really exist.tho i don't know the have lunch at Patient's room part.but the Surgeon's chatting during surgery part?that's true)

anyway, i'll try to blog about those important stuff especially about DooJoon's arms. cos you know,i still can visualize his arms in my mind.haha.

and also,i really love Stadium Negara. last time, i saw Jaejoong's arms. and now,i saw DooJoon's arms. whoa yeah! i love Stadium Negara. MORE MORE MORE SKINS PLS!

k now.

that's all.

at least i blog about my work.haha.

ta then.

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