16 September, 2016

Happy Malaysia Day

AsSalam n hello.

Happy Malaysia Day.

A country where the corruption is everywhere and the people don't even notice that what they are doing is corruption. Life is good after all when doing bad things not even noticeable.

But still, without Sabah and Sarawak, we won't be as rich as today.

And without MO1, we won't get as many debt as today too.

Life has made mature adults become 'aku malas nak kisah' then 'what happened? Did something happened??'.

Maturity change you. Life change you. So many disappointment that you just have to enjoy life even for the littlest things. Like seeing a pokemon, you feel so excited catching a Zulbat when you already catch it zillions of times.

Freedom is so far away for me. Sometimes i regret why i didn't just work and have a less than RM2k salary instead of being a postgrad student where i only get allowance for 2 years only. But then again, what is life when you think that you expect yourself to not be a student after 2 years?

I am more mellow now. Maybe the 'i don't care attitude' makes me mellow. I try not to shout too much. I try not to be angry too much. I become more reasonable. And when this happened, i see things from a mellow perspective. You see how unreasonable a person is when she's angry. You see the cruelty, the rudeness, the selfishness a person can be.

Such is life. No freedom when you have no money,  no freedom when you are still dependent on others.

Happy Malaysia Day. Where the country only unite only during Olympics.

And also during holiday season.

Enjoy life. Ta.

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